Okja: A film of Childlike Wonder… That isn’t for Children

If it wasn’t for Netflix, it seems likely we would have never received this oddball $50 million blockbuster from director Bong Joon-Ho- the sort of ingeniously bonkers conceit that franchise reliant Hollywood studios seem reluctant to make anymore. Although the political satire isn’t as successful as Snowpiercer (even if it’s equally unsubtle), it does have a grander storytelling canvas and a genuinely epic scope, as well as some of the most fun set pieces of the year.

The only issue is that the Netflix platform allows for less censorship, meaning what should have been a PG family blockbuster has somehow mutated in to a film where there is an unnecessary use of “fuck” in every other sentence- all written in a manner which sounds excruciatingly awkward on the ear, especially considering the childlike nature of the subject matter.

Watch the full video review below, and please like, subscribe and share!


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